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IGP Seminar

The IGP Seminar section reports on the research work carried out within the research programme of the transversal group Inventing Grand Paris. It hosts the results of seminars, conferences and international workshops scheduled over the academic years. The purpose of these events is to collectively debate the research questions that are at the core of the program as well as the epistemological questions crossing different disciplines. This constitute the originality of Inventing Grand Paris project. They can enrich points of view and open up new perspectives. They also constitute reference markers to be shared for the progress of scientific reflection.

The published texts reflect the exchanges that have taken place, preserving their oral and dialogical aspects. It is a choice to want to keep the place of debate and discussion in the advancement of knowledge, a progress that is collective, although it is based on the contributions of each individual.
The programming of international workshops also finds its meaning in the dialogue sought between the different cultural contexts. For the Inventing Grand Paris group, it is strategic to base its work on the exchanges and flows of people and ideas.

This section is part of the broader editorial project to build a resource centre on the history of Grand Paris, as shown by the website. It is organized by calendar year. A general argument presents the intentions of each cycle while each of the specific events (guest interventions and discussion time) is transcribed.

Scientific organization: Frédéric Pousin and Nathalie Roseau
Editorial manager of the section: Alessandro Panzeri (2018-2020), Yoko Mizuma (from 2021)
Transcripts of the seminars: Juliette Pernin (2017-2018), Christine Monniez (from 2019)